Saturday, June 09, 2007

Busted Cap, Darn IT!!!!

When I was on my home yesterday, I reached into my shirt pocket to turn on my MP3 Player. However, when I pulled it out I find that the battery cap was busted. One side of the... fang thing that held the cap in place already broken a while ago, now the another side is also broken and nothing is there to held the MP3 in place.

So today I called the local Creative dealer to ask about the repair. They say they can repair it but since it's already beyond the warranty, it will cost me 200 baht and they will replace the cap, I can even wait for it. I was busted with joy and hop on the subway to their service center.

But when I reach the center, I was told that they did not have the spare part anymore since the supplier stop sending them. Moreover, since I bought mine from Japan, they cannot replace the whole thing for me either since it was not from their stock. It became their standard practice now to 'hot swap' the items in case it's broken. It seems that the only way to have an mp3 player is to buy a new one.

Needless to say, my balloon was completely busted and the only thing left to do is to grab lunch at Fortune IT mall, window shopping a bit and go home. When I was looking at different items I realize that my w810i do have good sound and the price of Memory stick to be used with it was not that expensive anymore.

From the quick browsing, 2GB High Speed one cost about 1,450 baht, and the 4GB one cost about 2,200 baht. It seems to be a better plan than buying a new mp3 player outright. It was my original intension when I choose to buy this phone anyway. This way I no longer need to buy more AAA battery to feed my music habit :P

With ComMart fair only a week away, I will wait to check out the price. So I can compare it to the one from the game shop I frequent at MBK Mall. The owner promise me good discount for the purchase so I will have to put that into consideration as well.

I cannot wait for next week to come

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