Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Exam with British Council

It was indeed quite an intimidating experience to say the least. My cheerfulness was culled once I was in the reception area of the institute. There was about four women already sitting in the area.
Obviously they were there with the same purpose as I was. I was a bit early so I sat down at one of the desk and pick up one of the magazine on the bookshelf. When it was times for the exam, there were about 15 people, only three of them were men including me.

The exam was... slightly difficult, in the way that it was all written. I have not done written exams since my graduation. It did caught me off guard but I bounce back fast enough. The exam comprise of reading, writing and grammar. The grammar part is quite difficult for me, since I only rely on 'Probability Theory' :PP

I did complete the exam and leave to get ready to go to work afterward... I hope I will be able to get the job.

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