Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Wednesday Fun

I had quite a long day today... Wake up before my intended time again, despite my lack of sleep the day before... But it turns out quite alright... My mom was still home so she cook me some noodle with the left over stock soup and noodle :)

My destination today is MBK Mall, to do a bit of shopping for my friendS (yeah with a capital S since I actually bought stuff for three persons). I end up spending about four thousand baht on the DVDs/CDs with only 200 baht of that belongs to my goods 'Murder on Orient Express'. The majorities of my acquisition belongs to CA, who made me slight worried as he has not reply his email for quite a few days now. I hope he will not doing a disappearing act on me or else I will end up with a big lost on my hand.

Other than that I got to spend some fun time talking with my regular game shops and even help out a bit with my in depth knowledge about games :)

Today I spend quite a lot of money on different food... There is a Egyptian food booth in the food court here in that sell slice chickens in tortiya (I don't remember the name right but it is quite good). Then I went to Pizza Hut to try out their smoked salmon pizza, which turns out to be just so so for the 149 price tag for the small one which didn't even feel full to me, I don't think I will have it again... The money will be better spent saving up for good Salmon Sashimi :d My mom said earlier that she will not cook tonight so I went to have a chicken on rice at a Japanese restaurant. Then after I finally arrive at Central Ladpraw after the grusome two hours 20 minutes on the road back from MBK Mall, I decided to went to Swensen's to also try out their new menu :P

So today I had both Pizza and Ice Cream, neither were quite fulfilling my appetite but it was quite fun day nonetheless :P


The Searcher said...

Mah Boon Krong is my FAVOURITE mall .... uber HOT!

Petie said...

If I am still around the next times you came to BKK we could hit it together :)