Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Quick One for the Boys

I just got back from the trip :) It was quite fun and tired at the same time... I guess I am not used to all day activities. However I want to do a quick upload for you guys (several now :D). The picture is taken in the Moroccan garden in the Royal Flora Expo.

I wondered if this is the Moroccan Boy that Paul was talking about :P

He is working in the section that seems to replicate the Moroccan market, all of the goods seems genuine Moroccan.

I will post my Chaing Mai trip experience tomorrow :) I had taken about 650 pictures, several from my phone no less as my digital camera ran out of battery during the Flora Expo. With the total space of 827Mbs, I won't upload them one by one but I will do so by locations and upload the whole chuck as zip on

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Joel said...

joel loves moroccan!