Friday, November 24, 2006

Pried My Wallet Open

My future is on hold again... Well.. not my life pre se but rather my future. I am waiting for the job leads from my younger bro to came through so I can make plans and so on. That has not happen yet so it became a waiting game... So I will post about something more pleasant that happen recently.

The shopping mall near by house is having a big sales again. Since many of my briefs have hanging treads and became worn off, I decided that it is time to buy some and bought them I did.

I ended up bough one polo shirt, one shirt (deep red color, no less), 3 briefs, 3 bikini briefs and 2 tenga brief (nylon and lycra mix fabric, for special occasions to come,tee hee), all Jockey brand. I also end up bought a backpack as well. I like the look and style of this one, it has three compartment, sturdy padded back support and a small pocket for mp3 player on the left side strap.

So in the end I spend quite a lot of money than usual for all these, but I surely need all of them and I am wearing one of those items right now, wanna guess which one? ;)


savante said...

How many briefs can one man own!?!

Petie said...

Many pairs over the years it seems :)