Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Northern Expenditure

My company has set up a friendship tour for the occasion of company merger (actually I would called it a take over, in which mine has been taken over :P). We will be heading to Chaing Mai for 4 days starting this Wednesday.

At first I was not going to sign up for this trip thinking that there will be "friendship activities" that required mandatory participation, but when I saw that it's going be a real touring trip and we will actually came back to BKK by plane (we will be there by train), I am sold :)

So I spend about 30 minutes packing my clothes and digital camera. It will only be about four days so I will only bring the small trolley I got from the Japan trip, along with my trusty backpack (which started to torn on the top :~( ) for the necessities: such as comic books and other stuff.

This will be my second trip to Chaing Mai, my first trip was with my family years ago... Don't remember much about that trip anymore though...

We will be visiting the... World plants exhibition (roughly translated from the Thai name), some safari park too I think...

Let's just say there will be many photos to upload once I got back :)

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