Saturday, December 02, 2006

Music Therapy and Template Update

I have not been in the best mood lately...

With the prospect of have to working for more nights than usual due to staff shortage, the new lead from my younger bro has not contact him again (it's been a month now), and the fact that the system that I have my work on will be replace by the end of January, made me quite worried about my future.

I know that I no longer wish to work 12 hours a night 3 nights on 3 nights off anymore. Esecpially no the telephone operator job that will became full time once the current system has been replace. I think I can get transfer to tech support position, but that is under the same boss and I have no desire to work under her anymore...

Anyhow, I find that in the moment like this, Rock songs seems to help quite a bit. Such as blasting guitar and goth style of Evanescense, Amy Lee's emotional vocal seems help me cope for the time being. I guess I will have to try harder with job hunting and other plans... If any of you readers have job leads for me please feel free to either leave comments or email me. I am getting slightly desperate and any help would be Very appreciated.

I also finally do the template update thing with the intension of being able to add the red ribbon on my blog. The end results seems quite nice, luckily I copied the HTML code of my old template on to notepad beforehands so I could add my accessories and links back to the updated template. It took quite a while to completely restore my sidebar but it will be quite easy to work o nthe template and looks of the whole blog with the new features from the update. I suggest you should try it :) But only when you have time to update the sidebar back to normal and made sure you made copy of your old template beforehand so you have still have the original codes and links.

I also added a new feature called "True-A-Day" :D Scroll down a bit and you will see ;)

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