Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Coup in BKK

Nope I am not joking, as you can probably see on CNN and BBC and probably all over the world news mediums now. There is a Military Coup happening right now in BKK.

The ridiculous part (or not when you think of the nature of the coup) is that I actually first know that this is happen now is from Kitjar who told me that it is happen at and told me turn on the local TV channel 9. I did and saw nothing on there except some video with the 'I love the King' theme on most of the channel, so at least I know something is happen alright. Then I turn on CNN and it was the big news break.

In my opinion this is rather stupid... Military Coup in this days and ages will not help the country's image as much as hurting it. Begins with tourism, economy and a whole lot more... Not to mention people who have to travel...

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tornwordo said...

I hope you're safe! And I've been keeping tabs via metroblogging Bangkok.