Sunday, September 10, 2006

Office Fixing

Sometimes it makes me wondered, how could something that seems so obvious has not been dealt with at a more proper times.

Such as what happen in my office right now... The room that I work in also has a security guard section within the room which has been closed off from the rest of the section. The room is quite cramped and not of a lot of air circulation, so they decided to have the room expanded. What's wrong with this picture then?? The room has been use for about a month before we moved in and we been moved in for like a month now... So the expansion were commence while I am in the room as well!! All of this would not annoyed me all that much has it not been to the fact that it happen on the spot where my desk is (or rather Was!)

What strikes me as rahter unusual is that why the architect who draw up the blueprint could not see that the room is not quite fit for human condition?? And even so that they have to do this construction while the room is in use.

Is this a common practice for big company? To repeatedly rebuilding the office floor, instead of perhaps listening to the people who would be using that room and make it according to their job and preference and rather be done with it in the first two tries??

Is this not a common sense?

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J (Me) said...

It happened to me once. But in my case, the guys thought it would be nice for them if i help them move their things around the place i was working! I was saved by a phone call and they never asked me again.