Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Day After

In case any of you readers has no TV :p, click here to find out what happen yesterday.

So far things are calm and placid, almost everything are running like usual like phone, internet, public transportation and later TV. Except for government works, schools and banks. Even my office is close today, but not my section :p I wondered if I can charge my work tonight with public holiday O.T. ...

As per Torn's concern :)) Both my house and my office are far away from the hotspots so I am not in harms way. Plus there was no news of any violent occurance so far, so everything seems to be in order.

Rumour has it that the now ex-PM has planned a coup, so this current coup is to countered the ex-PM's plan. As the ex-PM has made an urgent announcement from US yesterday on local channel 9 to depost the Royal Thai Army commander-in-cheif who is also the leader of this coup just before the coup happens.

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