Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Return of Ex-Friend MD

Tonight I receive an unexpected email from an ex-friend of mine MD (The third guy I mention in that post) with the subject sn change (he boosted about how he keep using the free AOL cds that were given away for fre in supermarket which give you free 3 months account of AOL. The practise he had been doing for the pass 3-4 years I believe).

Inside the email it stated that he had found a way for me to redeem myself and good wishing ot me and my family.

I expected that this means he need to buy some *software* from BKK again. This means I would get money from sending him stuff. So I reply to him that I have naught to require redeeming but I will hear what he wants to say.

I wondered how will he reply...

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