Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crazy Dominos in Oblivion

Lately I had been obsess with the Mod (alteration plugin for game) for Oblivion, that I visit the official webboard quite often to check out the new mods as well as the update of the older ones.

And tonight I came across this particular video from a signature of someone on that webboard.

This is probably an actual recording from within the game. I know for fact that the game engine has the ability to perform a task like this (which make arranging items on shelf or display such annoying task). I figured that the person who made this must utilize the Construction Set software and add all the books and contrapment before hands before play it in the game. The hard part is to defy the phychic in the game or rather 'the ball must be place at the right point so it won't move before being push' (which would happen, exp: if the object were place in the CS software in mid-air it will drop to the ground when the area is loaded up)

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