Monday, May 29, 2006

Feeling Better

Oh... well... No well-wishers left any comments but still... I know a few of you guys care so here is the update.

My back is feeling a lot better, still felt lik it's 30% more to back to normal. Last night I had to came to work to substitute for one of the operator. So this means I have to stay put in at my station at all time. Not good for the hurt back that's for sure but I survive.

Today my mom calling me from in front of my room, which has the effect of jerking me from my half-awaked, dream like state to fully awake. And to what reason she wake me up? She wants to know is I have spare computer-to-monitor-cable left. In my groggy, backaching (move to lay on my back to face her), and parched throat state, I croaked out no or something similar and get back to sleep. Since I will be working tonight as it's the begin of my three days shift again. I wondered what's the important of this cable that she had to wake me up to ask for...

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