Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Trip: Day Five, Tokyo->Shiba

Again... the hotel breakfast... At least they have fresh fruits this times. Although it's slightly better than other breakfast but still...

On to the bus again, this times we were off to Asakusa temple (the one with giant red lamp). The temple has a few big red paper lamps (by big I mean it's taller than me already) and the biggest one of all is at the main temple. The terms giant would be more accurate.

There is also rows of shops that began to open by the time we arrive. Shops after shops of goods and so on.

Then we were off to one of the main destination Tokyo Disney Sea! At first I didn't felt very trill about this visit since... well I am already a grown man. But when we arrive at the parking lot area and I saw the building I began to get excited because it looks like old Italian buildings. When we get off the bus it was raining lightly, but I came prepared with 100 yens folded umbrella and two 100 yens lipglosses also from the 100 yens shop :)

After our guide told us time to gather and meeting spot, we were off into the park. Around the entrance I saw my mom with the siblings went off to look at something, I did the same on another direction for a few seconds and when I turn around they were gone... I was slightly panic and after tried to look for them for a few minutes. They were no where to be found, despite their rather unique looking umbrellas, so I decided to took off on my own, I am a big boy afterall and I do have some money for anything I wants to buy.

So I began to walk around the park, not an easy task as I first thought. My woe began with the hinge of my fold umbrella snap right off, while it still raining in the park. I manage to make it usable until the time to leave since my alternative would be the Disney umbrellas of 1,000 yens and more. And then, since I got lost with my mom, who also taken my camera. I have nothing to take pictures with and there are A LOT of places to take pictures there. Morever, when I found my mom again it turns out that the camera was already ran out of power, apparently she forgot to plug the charger to the wall the night before...

My highlights of Disney Seas would be the mediteranian area, the Venicia corner and the Indiana Jones ride. What can I say, I just love the Europeans feels of that area. Too bad that I did not have my camera with me... Also the queing area has a lot of decorate and some props to check out as well. For lunch I check out the mediteranian area for some food, the restuarant do offer italians food but it cost like 2,500 yens per plate so I just go for black pepper pork rib and light snack at the near by booth. I also has a cheesecake in the Lost River Delta section :)

Due to the rain which began falling since morning the park is less crowd than usual. We were able to go on 6-7 rides by the time we have to leave, which according to the guide, a lot more than other group were able to manage.

Before we left I finally wrangle my mom older camera to do some last minute photo snapping in my favorite and close by section, The Mediteranian Harbour. Too bad that I did not have enough time to take photo in the fortress which shows many italian creations from the renaissance time.

While we gathered around the parking area bathroom building I got into a discussion with a couple who's looking to buy a mp3 player. I gave them my opinion, show them my latest acquisition and then agreed to go back to the shop with them to help them pick out the right ones.

Dinner tonight was all-you-can-eat giant crabs legs, of which it take some getting used to in getting the meat from the shell but we manage. Afterward I decided to do my last minute shopping in 100 yens store. The last times I bought umbrella and lipgloss but I also bought a pair of socks, which turns out to be really comfy so I went back to buy some more.

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