Saturday, May 27, 2006

Oww... My Back TOT

Today was my day off from work... Eversince the new shift began I have 2 Real dayoffs. Afterall, when ones got home from work at 8AM (shift began at 19:30, which meant wake up at 16:00), ones simply do not have the energy to go out and about and call the following day 'Day Off'.

So today I planned to went out and about for some relaxation. I bent down in my shower to pick up shaving cream bottle and felt a slight stabbing pain in my lower left side of back. I didn't felt the full affect of this at first, which is a good thing since I could finish my shaving. But once I got out? Man it HURT!!!!

I could barely walk straight not to mention sitting up right without twitching from the pain that keep shooting up every 5 minutes...

After contemplating whether I am in the condition to go out and enjoy myself or not... The answer is probably barely, I could go again later in the week, and this might be a sign (other than I need exercise) that today might not be the good day to go...

It seems that celebrex help a bit, I hope it will healed up by tomorrow since I will be back in the office again TOT

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