Friday, February 24, 2006

The Brief Stint Under The Spotlight

The Time: Junior Highschool
The Event: School Plays

You see... when I was younger, I had done some acting during my junoir highschool time.

Back then I had one best friend whom I spend most of my lunch break with. He is a smart guy, a teacher's pet sort of way if you would say. Among the rebellious talkative youngsters in the class, we seems to be the two that pretty much the well-behave group.

One day during the lunch break, my friend was approached by the English teacher and she wants him to be in a play which will be done in English. Somehow I had been drag along to do a support role as well. At first I must say that I was embarassed about all of it. But after one or two more shows I seems to kinda like it in a way.

By the time I graduated from Jr. Highschool, we had done quite a few shows under her direction (her husband was the music teacher). Now thinking back I vaguely remember it all, but I must say that I was quite fond of the time I had on stage :)

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savante said...

And here I thought you were gonna tell us what play that was!