Monday, February 13, 2006

The Approaching "V" Day

It is that day of the year again. The day when every friggin' place are all deck up in red and heart shape stuffs, chocolate and strawberry. To pretty much say to you 'Buy This, it will make your lover Happy!!'

Except for those singletons who do not have the lover which it is more like rub it their face of how single they are...

If the above lines sounds bitter, I meant it to be be cause Darn It I DON'T Want to be SINGLE!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pete. Got to know yr blog from a link in another blog.

Cheer up, man - I know it's easier said than done. But, being alone is not all that bad, right? If you think deeper, maybe you will discover some good points about being alone on Valentine's day?

I think somehow, our Maker has planned for us to meet the right person intended for us at the right time. Perhaps the right person is just around the corner? never know! Cheers!