Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Day with Paul

Paul is, of cause, the good doctor of Bedtime Story Blog. We planned to meet today at 11:30 at a bookstore in the newest shopping mall in Bangkok, Siam Paragon. However, my strange behvaior kick in and I awake at 4:00am instead and would not fall asleep. So by 8:10am I call Paul at his hotel to tell him of my woe and planned to meet earlier than that.

We finally meet, he is a fast talker, fast walker and the most shopaholic guy I ever met. We met at 10:00 and by 15:00 we had walked through four shopping mall, walk through numerous home decor shops and he bought a several items while urging me to do the same. I told him that I only have my own room not house and he still could not help but point out how I am not a shopper as he is.

He seems to share an equal amount of interest in both concept decor shop as well as antique shop. Not to mention he really is a movie buff. We stopped at one of the DVD shop in MBK and he kept pointing out to this movie and that movie with commentary of this one is good, bad romantic, and how I should see them :P

By that time, 14:35, I had lost the energy to tell him that I am more of a gamer and not movie buff :PP I have a few favorite that I deem a must have and then I would bought them. With this he is surely have a broader taste in movie than I am.

Right now I am EXHAUSTED, with only about 3 and a half hours of sleep plus 5 hours of continuos fast walk equal me being really tired :p I will hit the shower right after this and laydown on my bed a bit, Phewww....


savante said...

Poor guy! Tired you out eh. I won't even tell you that I walked down to Silom after that :)

Thanks, man!


Pete said...

My Gosh :O

I guess your profession had you walk around a lot that you are used to this :P

My tireness is also from teh fact that I slep little hours too. But last night I went to be around 23:20 and woke up for real at about 13:50 :P

I think the culprit of my sleeplessness is the hot weather

Joel said...

and next time when i go Bangkok, can I have another day with you? :-)

Pete said...

Sure Joel :) Be sure to send your photo in advance ;)