Thursday, February 16, 2006

Light! Camera! Action???

I finally gave in to temptation and break out my steel cage wallet to pay for a cool looking Logitech QuickCam Comminucate STX as well as a slick looking mouse by the brand Acron.

It all happen because I want to check out the price for LCD monitor after my currect CRT monitor had been flicking madly for the last couple of days. While I was at the infamous Pantip Plaza I figured that I should be looking for a new mouse as well since the one I was using seems to have broken wire inside and the curosr won't move until I reapply it's USB cable.

I still unable to decide on which LCD monitor I should buy though... Although my main concern is the rpice but my chat with some shop owners remind me that I should be looking into the warranties as well.

So now I am down to either LG or Samsung... One shop owner said LG will have better warranty but I will ask around and see.


AJ said...

LG i think is the better one, or is it Samsung?

I know one is actually found inside the other's casing! So in actual fact you would be buying the same thing with a different waranty!

Pete said...

Comes to think of it... I think I have heard that several brand of LCD monitor came from the same manufacturer and share some vital parts.

So you are right, but being a gay man I do dig the differences in the appearance too... darn it!

savante said...

Good grief. What the crap is all that!


Pete said...

It's tech talk Paul :)

Perhaps it's best not to read it while you are still groggy from the cold and medicine :P