Thursday, March 02, 2006


If you asked me like ten years ago to try yogurt I would definately not gonna tried it, at present time however, it's a different story

Somehow one of the marketing scheme did works on me, the product sampling. Recently I had tried a new product from Dutchies a 0% Fat yogurt with Green apple flavour and I like the taste.

I figured eventually that I could eat these while stay up late in my office. And these things suppose to be healthy, right??

When I was younger I would denied any attempt to eat vegetable. Now it's not very different, although I would eat carrot, basil and cabbage, which if I do back then my mom would be very happy indeed.

I wondered if my older self take part in my widen taste in eating though...

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Chaichakri said...

i NEVER like yogurt... always prefer ice cream. perhaps thats why i am FAT .... hee hee