Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Arrgghhh My Sleep!!!!

Although, Winter is not my favorite season (too darn cold for a nice shower), Summer is not that good for me either...

Ever since I started to work night shift (like 9 years ago), my sleep pattern has been scramble quite a bit. Add that to the fact that I am not very easyto fall asleep to begins with seems to take a slight toll on my overall pattern as a whole. During Winter times, sleep came easier than summer due to the cold breeze with me keeping warms under my blanket and quilt. Summer, however, is another story altogether. I could barely stand the heat even with the fans on I would usually still toss and turn searching for cool spot to lay upon unti l the heat from my body make the spot too warm for comforts and have to move again.

The night before Tuesday was no different, I slept early (around midnight) only to be awake 6 hours later and after mugging around on my computer feeling pretty bored I finally try sleeping again around 9:30. My phone rang around 12:20. It took me about 5 seconds before realizing the ringing noise is from my landline phone. Mister M was on the other side and wanted to meet me later in the afternoon for computer lesson...

Mister M is a friend of Nordic, an elderly British man who stayed in Thailand for more than 15 years. He began to take interest in Internet and I had been approached by Nordic to teach Mister M about Internet and computer.

When Mister M said he wants to meet me later that afternoon I thought something urgent must had happen. After remembering that I would be working on Wednesday night, I concluded that it would be best to meet in the afternoon as he suggested.

As it turns out, nothing urgent has happen... He just want another regular computer lesson (with a slight mix of applied Thai language lesson. This times it is about how to ask for the *special* massage in Thai -*- ).

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Chaichakri said...

special massages... hee hee