Friday, July 25, 2008

Day Two - Sunday: Seeing London Eye, Big Ben, and the Parliament

I woke up a bit early than I want, probably due to the sunlight that streaming into my bedroom as well as the jetlag (I think).

Anyhow, once I freshen up and go down to the living room, the owner is making breakfast so I join in along with other guests :dd The breakfast consists of bacon, scramble egg and wholegrain toasts. The toasts were great, I think I will eat more bread if they sell them in Bangkok.

Then I am off, on my own for the first times, into the city. My destination of the day is located near Waterloo subway station: London Eye, Big Ben and The Parliament building.

First stop, Waterloo station, which is just one stop away from Kennington, I walked through the passover bridge and into the yard area near the London Eye.

There was a very long queue lining up to go up the Eye.

So I decided to walk around the area instead. I start by walking near the river and take a few snaps at the Dali statues.
The building nearby comprised of Dali exhibition, London Aquarium, McDonald, Namco arcade, Fright Lab (a kind of haunted house I suppose), restaurant, and cafe. After meandering around the area for quite a good while, I walked over to see Big Ben and the Parliament.

After I had enough with the walking I headed back toward the station and had my first Fish & Chips. I had to do the take out menu to take advantage of the cheaper price (with a bottle of drink no less :d). It was ok but the potatoes are rather... tasteless... which did not bode well when I finish with the fish.

Then I walk around the area and found an IMAX theater with Dark Knight decor. It was nice, I was thinking about went inside to see the interior but later forgot about it.
Then I found my way into another establishment and had myself another private time :P

Then I went back to the B&B and sleep... I still felt lightheaded and sleepy around 22:00.

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