Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day Three - Monday: Trafalga Square, National Museum, Soho, and Old Comton road

The morning repeated itself, I woke up way too early by the streaming sunlight and felt rather under slept.

The destination of the day was the National Museum. I figured I could hit two hot spots in one go since Trafalgar Square is right in front of the museum. There are also several location of interests in the area as well.

First the Trafalgar Square. It was bigger than I thought but then I think I got mixed up with the Piccadilly Circus.
The square is right in front of the National Museum.

I did not know what to expect from the place but I enjoyed what I have found. Turns out the museum is the painting museum.

I think the first painting I ran into was 'The Virgin on the Rock' by Leonardo da Vinci. My first impression of the painting was that the skins of all the people in the painting seems unusually pale. I spent quite a lot of time in the museum walking from room to room, looking at all the different paintings. The museum also had a computer room, with touch screen monitor for visitors to use to browse all the paintings in their archive. You can scroll through, read up on the info and tidbits of the paintings, and even zoom in to take a closer look :)

The souvenir shop was also quite interesting. They have necktie, mug, cup, key chain, etc. with the patterns of famous paintings. Like Monet's waterlily pond and Van Gogh's Sunflower. I would be quite tempted, had it not for the fact that I hate wearing ties. Not to mention the price.

After touring the museum, I walked out pass the National Portrait Museum and into Old Compton Street in Soho area. The area that I was told is one of the gay area in London. I even saw the actor Adrian Paul walking through Old Compton Street talking on his cellphone looking rather anxious as if he was already late for appointment.

I walked around the area, almost lost even, and ventured into the China Town area.

It was not big, just one street even, but you will know right away that it is China town :) I think it was in this area that I finally found one shop that do top-up for my particular SIM card.

After walking around so much I started to get hungry. I had my mind set on Italian food this times so I scouted the price of various Italian restaurant, in Soho area of course :P And finally found this one, as the cheapest one :P

I was tempted to order the cabonara but eventually decided on Verdi Lasagna instead which is lasagna with green color pasta. It taste quite good :dd I was not disappointed at all. The place was quite small but seems to be ran by Italians staffs.

If I remember correctly, I went to have another private moment today :P Afterward I bought my first 'Mars ice cream' :dd I Loved it. I wish they would sell it here.

Then I returned to the B&B, they were having dinner so I join in as well. Then I watch TV and chit chat with the owner. And then I went to bed.

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tornwordo said...

It looks like you were lucky with the weather. I didn't see the sun at all in London.

Oh and Chinatown. The best kept secret for finding cheap electronics and their accessories.