Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Moving On To Another Topic

It seems that none of my fans (little as they are) are in London... So I guess I will moved on to another topic...

I recently read some more infos on Final Fantasy Tactic A2, due to be release late June, and I got the urge to play it right away :P Since it is not release yet, my thought went to the GBA version that I still have not finish since a few years ago. I was at the point where I need to finish several more missions and then I will clear the game but I do not have the items required for those missions.

After reading up on the mission requirement and such, it still take me a few more days and frustrating moments to tricker the mission availabilities. Once that's done the rest is a breeze. Especially after adding level cheat code :P

It was enough to sate my hunger for the game for the time being, but it still be almost a month away from the release. The new season of House would also help :)

I am also struggling to complete my self assessment form required by the office. I am drawing blank on what I should write about... I think I will ask to see this form from one of my colleague...

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