Friday, May 09, 2008

General Rants

There is not real news to post about so I guess I will just post a rather generic rants of late.

The weather is now back to the old pattern, blazing hot if it is not raining. I guess it will be this way for a few months, before we will be hit with rainy season.

The harddrive that I recently bought, merely almost a week ago, now reduced in price by 100 baht... I know I should not take this personally but it still sucks.

I recently got started to play Jump! Ultimate Stars on my DS, after I found the one with partial English translation. It is oddly satisfying to be able to control your favorite manga characters and have them beat each other up. The annoying parts are the winning conditions. Some are rather hard to achieve and that will determine whether you can unlock certain characters or not.

I still have not made any progress regarding my trip to London. I just wants to know my new weekends before sending request to get my paper from the office. I am still have no idea where to book for hotels and such... I still have not research all the... 'decadent' activities I can have fun with... I should really began doing those things now... July is approaching, Fast!

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