Monday, May 12, 2008

The Great Shower

Today was a rather unbelievable day in Bangkok.

It was raining since morning, then stop, then rain again, and then stop, and rain again. So today I choose to buy my lunch from the wanton noodle stand near my office. I do not think I will do so again tomorrow... I might just brace the rain and went out to eat.

A few of my regular eating place, the noodle stand included, had raise their price. It kind hard to stomach this when you actually felt the pinch of the situation. The news today even stated that it hits the *regular folk* quite hard, judging by the pawn shop business. And if I remembered correctly, the news said that the pawn shop business went up to 600 mils now in comparison to 100 mils last year. That just sounds rather depressing.

It is the beginning of the new terms in my office, thus, my Sat-Sun weekends also comes to an end. The boss wants to put me on Sun-Mon weekend instead. I do not think I can object this times around... Especially when the new coordinator will has Thu-Fri off.

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