Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Closer Affairs

I had became a fan of the TV series 'The Closer'. After watching a few episode of the first season I was hooked!

Although I must say that Kyra Sedgwick character's accent is very southern and perhaps can get on your nerve, her acting (the accent included) make the character seems real and believable. The chief was sharp and cunning at times and can also bequite clumsy and bumbly acted as well. Not the mention neurotic, still worried about what her parents' opinion of her, and not to mention an ex-CIA to boot!!

Her team is also a collective group of police with different specialties in addition to their ages, ranks, and even race. Which allow the show to play with the interactions between the team members, their contribution and facets.

Just like any good shows, the writing is very good, each episode was quite fresh in their story and context.

I will certainly watch it till the end :)

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