Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Materializing the London Plan

I am planning to visit London, for the first times. This will be my first trip on my own as well!

I am finalizing the details of where I will stay and the plant ticket. I am, however, only have the general ideas of what to do and where to visit. I admit I am not a 'culteral tourist', rather I am the... usual gay tourist :p A Single gay tourist :p

Anyhoo, I am still planning to the visit the usual tourist traps. Like Covent Garden, Harrod, and perhaps Sherlock Holmes club. And then a few gay places.

Anybody could recommend places to visit? :)


tornwordo said...

I've only been once, for a day and didn't do any gay things : ( But how exciting for you! Solo travel is fun, magical things will happen, you'll see.

Petie said...

Thank you for the encouragement :)

I still have to get pass the visa application first though...