Sunday, March 30, 2008

Seething Heat

Summer is here... In all its glory and strong blinding sunlight...

It is a bit late for Summer, considering it is already almost April. I must admit I do not miss it that much now that it arrived. I made a mistake of wearing black t-shirt yesterday, my body and arms felt like they were licked by heat. All this does not make it fun to sleep at night, though it is the best time for shower. I know I have mention this in the past but the notion still valid.

I am looking forward to next week... Which I will get Monday off due to substitute holiday. And then it will be Songkran :D Since I have not been to my decadent spot lately I will go during Songkran for their special event. Not to mention the plan to go to Japanese buffet after a day or two from the said event. Plus my plan to buy another harddisk.

On another note, I have been trying to eat healthy-er lately. With bananas adding to my protein shake breakfast (Hopefully they will last the week now that I put them in the fridge), and the latest discovery that my local supermarket sell grapes with rose apple package for the price of 45-49 baht that will last me two days. Gotta remember that when I felt bored with the food courts.


tornwordo said...

Summer?! We're still waiting for spring, sigh.

Petie said...

We only have 3 seasons in Thailand: Summer, Rainy and Winter.

Although many will say it just Hot, Hotter, and Hottest :P Especially in the south where it will only be Summer and Rainy.