Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hold It, Take That, Objection

The title meant that I am reviewing another DS game that I had just finish today, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, in case most people were wondering :P

Despite its, in my opinion, weak beginning/tutorial chapter, the game real episode began a real intriguing court drama and story soon after the prologue finish.

You will play as a novice defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, on his first case ever under the guidance of your ample-chested boss, Mia Fey. The first case involved Wright's long time friend, Larry Butz, who got arrested in a murder case. The goal of the game is to get the client acquitted and get the verdict of 'Not Guilty'. The court system will sure looks unfamiliar to many people who are used to see the American Court Drama TV shows as it is based on Japanese system. The game even up the stakes by having game played in the near future where the court system has been revamped to finish within three days!

Anyway, after the rather bland prologue case, the first chapter began with a bang. The boss, Mia Fey, was murdered and her little sister got arrested for it!! During the course of this chapter you will learn, from the sister, Maya Fey, who dressed somewhat like a Miko that the women side of Fey family are gifted as spirit medium. Then during the course of the remaining chapter, Mia will came back and give guidance through Maya who, although in training, invoked the spirit of Mia when she became distressed.

The game soon weaving the tales of corruption, evidence forgeries, and murders by the prosecutors and police no less. Each chapters played out in 4-5 hours, I guess it could be less if the texts are faster to display. The text should be *pressable*, like when pressing one button the text came in full instantly.

In the end, the stories that unfold are very intriguing tales of lies, deception and redemption. It is a fun endeavor that I eventually play till 4:00am last night... Which is not good, it was a work night after all. But it sure was Fun :D

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