Monday, March 24, 2008

Reclaiming Memories

Last night I began playing a DS game called 'Another Code: Two Memories' an Adventure game on DS platform, I ended up finishing the game in one go...

It is a story of a young girl, Ashley, who went to an island to meet her father whom she thought was dead 11 years ago. While on the island, she encounter a ghost of a young boy who call himself D. D told Ashley that he have no memories of his life and want her to help him reclaim his memories. Ashley who is also looking for her father agreed to help him out and thus the adventure began.

Another Code is probably the only game that I have played on DS so far that utilize ALL the functionalities of the handheld console to the fullest. From using the basic touch screen function and microphone to actually close the lid to mimic stamping and have the screens reflects on one another to see the hidden message.

Although the game is fairly short, it was adequate in telling the story and tied all the loose end.

For me the game ended nicely, although a few loose end still unanswered, it still an enjoyable experience. It worth my time to play and finish it. I would highly recommend it :)

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