Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Minor Update: Weather

Following a chat with a friend of mine who is currently in HK with his bf and was in BKK for the weekend. It is March, which is summer time here, and yet the weather did not get very hot.

Instead we had rain yesterday and it was fairly cold in this morning. Not that I mind but it feels... Out of place. I wondered if this is the effect of Global Warming. I have watch Penn & Teller show Bullshit!. In one episode, claim that Global Warming is not as big of an issue as it claim to be. But I think most people would not deny that the weather pattern seems to be out of order lately.

I have been enjoying my new purchase :) I have figured out of how to use cheat code :P So I am enjoying it more right now. it is pleasant surprise to find that I do enjoy a charming game 'Professor Layton and The Curious Village'. I would highly recommend this good puzzle/mystery game to anyone.

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