Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Over the Rooftop Came a Hidden Blade

I have been playing Assassin's Creed for a few days and I must say... It is FUN to play. Despite it's keep crashing randomly for some reason...

The graphic is beautiful plain and simple. The whole town is your playground and you can climb up the roof, splinting and jumping between buildings, climbing the tower and taking a 'Leap of Faith' into the stack or cart of hay below. All of these activities were presented with fast pace and large map to roam in. It is strangely gratifying when your character jump on top of a guard and impale him with the hidden blade. I particularly like the 'View Point' where you have to climb on top of particular tower or guard post to overlook the area. The scene of the character perching on the ledge like eagle overlooking the city is gorgeous, as well as the 'Leap of Faith' to come back down :) It should be applauded that it take rather short load time for the size of the map.

Now the cons, while it is believable that there will be beggars in the city. It is not fun to have them keep cutting in front of you while you try to go about your business, especially when you about to stab someone in the neck. While the horse riding is quite easy to maneuver, it is rather boring when you have to make the horse 'Walk' to avoid alert all the guards. I still have not been able to find how to turn on the subtitle, which lead me to believe there is none. Plus you cannot skip *Any* cutscene, no matter which button you press. There is also no manual save function, only an obscured automatic one which give you no clue as to when it happen. This annoy me quite a lot when combine with the random crash which lead me to keep slaying the target again with no time saving to skip the cutscene.

All in all, it is a fun game to play, and I am looking forward to finishing it soon.

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