Saturday, March 22, 2008

1 Became 1+4 and A Clima356

I did went to the ComMart fair and I am glad I did because, as I found out when I arrive at Queen Sirikit Center, that Adidas also have a sale event there as well.

After bought and ate chicken+bolognas sauce spaghetti, I began my round to scout the items. I found all the products I was looking for but end up buying only Kingston Micro SD 4GB. I did not buy the harddisk because the price seems to be dropping recently. I think I could wait until April to buy it. I also found Wi-Fi USB thingie that will broadcast the Wi-Fi. I am tempted to buy it so I can play my DS Lite online. The one I found, which seems to be the only non-Nintendo brand that have this, cost almost half the price of the Nintendo one, at 850 baht. It still pricey for me... So I will wait until the next ComMart to see if I really want to buy it. For the Micro SD, I actually walk all over the building looking for Sandisk brand to compare. As it turns out, Sandisk is more expensive and is lesser class than Kingston one. And I only pay 850 baht instead of the 890 baht listing price :D.

After the tech shop is done, I went to see the Adidas sales. I found one T-Shirt I really like but it was S size which a little tight for me. The sales staff are not very helpful. But yours truly was persistence, keep digging the tray and eventually found 3 more S size and each in M and L :DD I buy the M size though :)

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