Thursday, July 12, 2007

Time to Celebrate!!

I Finally Landed the British Council job!!! Not the Customer Relation position (although according to the manager, I was on 'reserve position' which means if the person they choose decline the position I would get it) but IT assistance position.

I will make just about as much money as the first old job. But I will save more, at least from the transportation, since I can and will Walk to work :DD

o-Back from Hospital-o

I just got back from hospital. British Council need my medical exam paper, so I went to a near by hospital with my mom. It went along smoothly, although the doctor who examine me is a bit fem. :p With slightly long nails in some fingers which I do not think that it was appropriate for doctor...

Anyhow I got the paper, and I cannot wait till tomorrow to tell my soon to be ex-boss that I am quitting :p


Stephen said...


By the way, I'm sure I should probably know this, being British, but - what exactly is the British Council?

Petie said...

Check out this link :)