Sunday, July 22, 2007

Finishing The Last Harry Potter Book

In my usual tradition, I had finish the book in one day (more or less... well I kinda cheat, because I had downloaded an e-Book version and read the first seven chapters before actually getting the book) I pick up the book today around 13:00 because I have to work today *grumble* but I did sneak some reading on the computer while I was at work.

I will not give it away, much, except to say:

First, the book soon start off with a Bang, which is quite unusual for the whole series.

Second, my idea about Snape's action was right, that he did what he did under Dumbledore's order.

Third, the book was really taking a different turns in the whole series. Many characters were dying left and right.

In the end, I don't think we ever get to know the important of Harry's eye color though...

So did I like the book? It was a different feel from the earlier books, just like life were simpler when we were younger. It was not a happy journey as before but it was enthralling nonetheless.

At least it was a happy ending though...

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