Friday, July 06, 2007

The First Interview and Overlord

Earlier in the afternoon I had my first job interview with British Council. I think it went well, I was lively, quite articulate and add a few jokes here and there.

Before I leave work for interview, my boss, again, express her displeasure with my taking leave to do a job interview. I do understand her feelings but this excessive (although not that much) guilt trip is not going to win me over. Luckily, I am quite impervious to her tactic (not sure if it was really a tactic though). Afterall, at this point in time, I am the priority, not the firm, and definitely not her. Of cause, I am not stupid enough to tell her all that :p

As for Overlord, it is a new game, in quite the same vain as Dungeon Keeper, but in Action-RPG style and in open world rather than the personal dungeon. This game is the reason that I wants to overhaul (not really an upgrade, since I replace all the performance related pieces :P) my computer. That will happen this weekend. It will punch a serious dent in my saving but man... I WANTS IT!

So the full review of game will be commence After the overhaul ;)

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