Saturday, July 14, 2007

Harry Potter the Movie :)

I finally have time to go see Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix today and... I have a mix feeling about it.

Start with the good: The actresses who portrait Luna Lovegood and Dolores Umbridge did a fantastic job, bringing their characters to life. They certainly play their parts well and very believable, from Luna's airy voice and manner to Umbridge's annoyed cocky smile and the slight crazy manner. The Thestrals looks great as well and it was just like how Rowling describe them in the book.

Now the bad: Like before, the story had been cut, paste, and change to make it fit into the 3 hours movie. Bellatrix seems too demure in the movie compare to how she was in the book. I think they should have played her more but I guess they wants to focus to the Darklord by then. I also did not like how the training room was portrait... It just bare room with antique mirror wall... I just wish they would dress it up to be more like a mix of warm color room with floor to ceiling bookshelves on one size and training props on the other but I guess they just did not have time for that... And don't let me get started on Dumbledor's costume. They still use that ugly nightgown like gray color robe for the third times. I would prefer the regal red robe that Richard Harris got in the first two. This is just strange... Not to mention they actually remove the half-moon spectacle too.

Overall it was quite an enjoyable experience except for the 20 minutes of advertisements and I meant "AdvertismentSSS" , now I cannot wait for next Saturday for the book to release.

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