Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Busy Days and My Pepsi Woe

It was quite busy at work for the pass few days, I did not even have time to slack off or go to the bathroom :p

The workloads were quite constant... Especially in the afternoon. It was nice that I was not bored out of my mind but I do not like it that I have to go home late because I have not finish my works...

To make the matter worst, today I drink a bottle of Lemon Pepsi and it made me feel sleepy two-three hours later... I still do not understand why caffeine drinks make me sleepy... My friend think it was because of the low blood sugar, cause by the caffeine induce my body to burn off sugar that I consume. That might be the case, when I have iced-coffee with double chocolate donut. However, this noon I have wanton noodle and yakisoba for lunch :p Anyway... I guess I have to be more careful next times.

I am quite excited about tomorrow though... The judgment day finally arrive!!


Stephen said...

Good luck for tomorrow!

Petie said...

Thank you Stephen :)