Friday, July 13, 2007

Letting the Cat out of the Bag

I told my boss in the morning, of my decision to accept my post with British Council. She did not say much except asking me when will I required to start. I told her the truth, that they want me to start as soon as I can leave. So we agreed on me leaving at the end of July to begin my new job in August.

It was not until after the office hour, when I was still slave away correcting a particularly long resume with horrible written English, that she give me a piece of her mind to my leaving. How detested she was with my looking for new job. I did not reply anything to her, partly because I was concentrating on finishing my work so I can go home, it was already 20 minutes pass the official work hour. Another part is because I know better than to say anything. She might not intentionally make it personal but I did get annoyed. She spoke as if she owned me and I owed my life to her or something.

Also, I am not very good at stringing out words to retort in confrontational situations. Sometimes I wish I could but I know I should not burn bridges when it could be useful in the future. Otherwise, if I would give her a piece of my mind after carefully choosing the words, it would not be just burning the bridge but rather a complete annihilation :pp

I was sorely tempted though, to say that if she did not like my behavior then perhaps I should not come to work at all then. If she continue with her snide remarks... that might eventually be said...


tornwordo said...

She's just pissed she has to replace you. But that's why she gets paid more. Don't let it get to you, you have to take care of yourself first.

Petie said...

Thank you for your reassuring :)

She has not been bitchy about it again so far. I guess it was just a one time thing.

I am looking forward to the new job as well as the last Harry Potter book :)