Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sweet Sacrifice

I had been a fan of Evanescence ever since I heard their first single a few years ago. It is one of those songs that I have said that it required a body size speakers to listen to the song with your whole body.

With their new album "Open Door", I fell in love with the first song 'Sweet Sacrifice' the moment I heard it. Such an uplifting song for me indeed :P

So today I saw on Yahoo that the band finally release their third single (meaning making music video for it nowadays) and it is 'Sweet Sacrifice'.

I love the looks of the whole video, which match my feelings when I listen to the song, as it has the slightly mental and rage filled looks to the whole thing.

This release has lifted my spirit quite a bit from what happen earlier...

PS: I had post this MV from Dailymotion and not the usual YouTube due to the feud brought on by YouTube initial refusal to remove the offensive clip toward our King on their site. As a results the Thai government has ban the whole website YouTube from Thailand, which might prove to be successful tactic as YouTube later removed the clip. However, the ban is still in action as although the clip has been remove, the still images of the clip is still there.


tornwordo said...

Cool song! That sucks about youtube.

savante said...

Makes me curious what was exactly in the youtube!

Stephen said...

Paul, I saw the YouTube video and there's no doubt it was deliberately offensive. What's more the producer put a certain amount of thought and knowledge of Thai culture into the video in order to make it as offensive as possible. There was no attempt at any argument, no reason given - just a calculated provocation. If there are people in Thailand trying to get the lese majeste law revoked, this video probably set their cause back for 50 years.

Petie said...

Kitjar saw the clip and he said that it was offensive.

AP news reports that this is a setback of Thailand to censor this.

However, they also added that Google do censors things as China requests and not Thailand's.

I heard from someone who could open Youtube that more clips has popup in youtube in responds to the ban. So it will be likely that Thailand won't be able to open Youtube for quite a while.

What the rest of the world does not quite understand. Unlike, other public figures out there, Our King had accomplish many good deeds for Thais. He might not be perfect but he is the closet we have as a perfect human being that we all should strife to become.

Therefore he is held with highest regard among Thais, as close or equal to religion figures. So you can imagine that any offensive gesture will not be torelated.