Friday, April 27, 2007

Krabi Trip: Day Three

The morning repeated itself with me woke up with full bladder and cannot go to sleep later because of my younger brother's big snoring.

Today my aunt's family had planned another trip to see the crystal pool, hot spring and mountain. I bailed when I heard the word hot spring :p My back and shoulder still sore from the sunburn yesterday and the Nivea cream does not help. So I decided to spend the day loitering around the area instead as well as spending it in the hotel to recuperate. My younger brother also said that the he heard from a friend that a really good after sun lotion has to be Banana Boat Aloe Vera. It was quite expensive compare to other brand but after the sore on my shoulders we decided to split the cost and pay for it.

I spend the day either staying off the sun in the hotel room and go to spend sometime away from the sun in an internet cafe, just 20 minutes because the price is 1 baht per one minutes :p

Early evening it's time for dinner, by this times a couple of families had left and there were only two left, mine and luckily one with a van. We drove out searching for a restaurant that my mom had heard of, but after about an thirty minutes or so of driving around searching for the particular restaurant. The locals were not quite helpful as it seems it is not the kind of place they would go to. We ended up stopping to eat at a place just off the road called 'Rapu Seafood Restaurant'. The foods were surprising good, with the kind of oyster that only available locally. Here is the number of the place 075-631-416 and 089-873-7733.

Later in the night, as only two families left to stay and a few cousins still stay one more day, one of the cousin spend the night in our room. To my horror, he grind his teeth in his sleep... Added that to the snorer that already slept in the room it became a small nightmarish experience...

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