Thursday, April 12, 2007

Out of the Blues, New Shoes

I was at a bus stop waiting for a bus on my way to work when all of a sudden my shoes gave around my ankle.

You see (or may not see :P) what I wore daily (one of my three pairs) is a pair of Scroll brand, the sneaker/slipper hybrid with strap on the front and around the ankels that came up on top. I love this type of shoes because it is casual enough like slippers but you can run in them like sneakers. They usually wore out after two years, usually the adhesive worn out and the strap came loose from the shoes.

I contemplate for a moment of what I should do. I could still go to work with broken shoes but it would not be fast walking around in broken shoes and I would have to spend time buying new pairs later on. Or I could just went to buy the new pairs right away, as the bus stop is in front of a shopping mall, and be slightly late to work.

I eventually go with the later choice and walk back into the mall to the shoes department. I know where to go although I have not been to that part for quite a while. I notice different shoes on the displays and soon realize that the model that I have is no longer available. There were three similar models to choose from though. The one that seems to be the update of my model have a rather ugly straps parts. So I decided on another one which have soft padded and comfortable looking straps.

I am wearing them now, still trying to worn them down a bit. I am not too happy about this obviously... I do not like to spend 965 baht for something unexpected but necessary such as this.

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