Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Contract Terminated

My boss send words that she wants to meet me as soon as possible so I set up an appointment today. As it turns out, it is about ending my contract (her words) which read You are fired.

To be honest, I am not too upset about this, other than the forlorn feeling like when you are the dumpee instead of dumper. I do wants to leave this job anyhow, but my terms is only when I had found a new job.

So now I got one month notice before I would be unemployed. I guess it's time to make use of the office supplies in document preparations.


Stephen said...

Sorry to hear that, not a nice thing to happen for you especially just before Songkran.

Good to see you are looking on the bright side though and I hope you get a better new job for the new year.

Petie said...

Thank you for your good wishing Stephen :)