Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Krabi Trip: Day Two, Later in the afternoon

After we return to the hotel, me and my younger brother went back to our room to rest and wash off the sea water. I notice that my shoulder and back became quite red, despite the sunblock I put on at least twice while on the trip, with SPF 50 I might add.

I rest in the room for a while, while the younger kids went for another swimming in the pool. Our tour guide had told us to put on some after sun lotions to help soothing the sunburn, along with taking cold shower.

Around 17:30, we all went out for another family dinner. The food was so so and therefore not worth mentioning :p However, this is when we realize that most of the kids have allergic reaction to the sea hornet and one of my aunt who used to be a nurse will look for medicine for us later on.

After the meal my mom decided that we all need to go to Swensen's ice cream parlour. But after asking around there were none in the area (Ao Nang is not in the city) but there is an Italian ice cream place near by. We finally found the place, which is a small space that sell Italian ice cream brand that I had been in Bangkok as well. But before that we decided to look for the place fon foot starting from McDonald walking toward the beach front. During the trip I decided to walk into a pharmacy to buy the after sun lotion, my aunt also buying the medicine as well. I decided to buy Nivea after sun lotion, because it was the cheapest one. I began to apply some on my arms right away but it doesn't seems to help much.

After ice cream we walk back to the hotel, I went to bed after shower and appling the lotion. And again, enduring the snore of my younger brother...

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