Monday, December 25, 2006

Another Changing Time

When I look back at my old post a year ago, things has change a lot since.

I was just a happy go lucky sort of guy, living day by day with little worried with the world and this year I became moody, sullen and slightly vindictive toward life in general. The culprit is, without any doubt, my job.

Now with the venture I mention in previous post, I will finally be able to quit and concentrate on my well being instead. I had weight myself on a scale recently and confirm what I had suspicious of ever since my bigger pants felt fit around my waist. I had officially gain more weight than I thought. The first digit had changed! I need to work outs... Things will be better once I quit my job.

It is time to join a gym and work my ass off, I guess it is time to ask around which gym is populated with hunky white gay men :d

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Joel said...

good for you :-)