Saturday, December 09, 2006

Clive and his BMW

A while ago I was browsing on Youtube to kill some time and I came across some clips of Clive Owen. As it turns out, the clips was part of a series of short movies comission by BWM to showcase their car with Clive Owen as the driver in every movies, each was directed by different famous directors. Below are two of my favorites of the series :)

What's not to like about this clip? Features King of Soul, Gary Oldman, Las Vegas, and special cameo guest star at the ending XD

I like this one because of the score music, apart from the feel of the whole movie, anyone have the score music?

About Mr. Clive Owen... Well, what else can yo usay about the man other than he is All MAN with all the capital letters! The man is not exactly handsome but the man raw sexual appeal that could melt you on the spot and that's even when you have not heard his sotto baritone voice... How nice would it be to have someone like that in bed, rolling around in rough manner with his deep voice growling in your ears...

Ohh... How I wish I would know someday...

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