Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Banana

I have been meaning to do this post for quite sometimes. The problem is that the subject in the photograph is not easy to find and when I find them it wasn't long before I devour them all :p

Here is what I am talking about

Aren't they look good enough to eat??? :d

They are grilled bananas, one of Thailand's.... well it's not dessert and it's not appetizer, you will not find this any restaurant as they are usually found on street side stands.

They use a particular kind of banana called 'Hugmoog'; Hug means to snap or break things (usually in half) and Moog means pearl. I do not know the origin of the name however :p Anyway these bananas will be cut when the peels are still green. When grilled the peel will be slit and then place on hot charcoal grill. The secret seems to be in the timing of grilling. When grilled at the right time the banana will turn sunflower yellow, it will became sweeten and very very juicy. I could ate 6 of them at once or more :dd.

Too bad that they are not easy to find in BKK and whenever I found some I would buy 3 to 4 pieces at least at a times :ddd They seems healthy at a first glance but as MusicMan said when I send him this photo "It's not heathly since it's charcoal grilled"

It seems that whatever taste good are usually bad for you eh...?

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