Friday, July 21, 2006

Glimmer at the end of the Tunnel

Yesterday I finally took off to the job agencies to apply myself for their service, I had been to one of these before but it was a waste of time since I got nothing from them. Anyhow things seems more fruitful this times.

The first one is located in Asoke area, the office looks quite posh and as the woman on the phone mention, it's specialize in placing people in Japan companies. So it was not a surprise to see a couple of Japanese in their office as well. After I complete the whole processes (writing applications and interviews) the interviewer (young Japanese woman, whom I might say speak with a little worst English than I do ;P) said they will be in touch soon with job leads.

The second one is in Silom area, the office looks rather iffy. There was a car parking on the ground floor with stairs leads up to quite a tiny office. I have to complete quite a few test for them including typing (I learned that I actually could type about 50wpm in English and 23wpm in Thai which I think both are better than average thanks to my extensive training from internet chatting and online gaming), test paper on marketing and MS Office. And complete the whole process with an interview in English. The interviewer, a woman who might be the agency owner, interview me in English. I think I did quite well in impressing her with my English skill that she told me to went to one of her staff to tell them to set me up for interview for a customer service (said to be doing paper works to continue some license for clients) at Ford. And when I actually went to see that staff, he told me there is another job that I could go to, a job as network admin (to work in the server room that's what he said) and the good thing is that he said they are willing take in new graduated which means they will provide the training. The best part is that both job will pay almost the same amount that I got now, which would be better since I will actually be an employee this times (if I could landed the job).

I left the agency feeling quite giddy about the whole prospect of things. It felt as if I got two job offerings not interviews but I have to try to control my feelings. After all, I has not even have the interview yet. Not to mention I have to also keep in minds that sometimes they choose no one from the applicants pool at all.

Still the whole prospects of things seems to help with my condition a bit, as one oe my friend said, now I have a more tangible hopes to hang on to. Also I will post an update regarding Benny in a few days, he is getting a lot of press in Taiwan now and a few gay news site had pick up his story as well!!

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