Friday, July 28, 2006

Dimmed Light

I called the job agency in the morning after I got home from work and got the answer regarding the job interview... They said FOrd has filled teh position with their own candidate... So one hope shot down permanently... At least I am no longer in suspend about the job.

There is another lead from another job agency, a translator job in Chonburi area. I hope that at least I will have the interview at least... Because I know I can do the job and my English skill added to my impression of Japan culture from the large amount of mangas I hjad over the years, should made me a good contender... Despite the prospect of moving, when the time came... I will be nicely compensated...

I will call the job agency after weekend followup on the progress.

My apologies to the few of my regulars readers and several passerbys (if you ever stop to read my blog) that my posts lately are not of happy events (if you wanna read about happy time, check out the posts about my Japan trip on the sidebar)... It just how it happen... If you have any suggestion or better yet, solid job leads that would help my situation a LOT :) See how desperate I am that I even trolling for job on my own blog?


pink dolphin said...

hi there , nice blog you have here. Will continue reading yr posts now ;-)

Pete said...

Thank you D :)